Enhanced Safety Protocols - Manyak Dental Group – Dental Office in San Mateo

Enhanced Safety Protocols

We have implemented increased in-office safety protocols including the use of hypochlorous spray (electrolyzed salt water) to treat the air, internal and external vacuums to decrease the potential for lingering aerosols throughout the office, frequent sanitation of office surfaces, stringent clinical decontamination, a doorbell system to prevent cross-contamination from other patients in our lobby, splash proof gowns and face-shields, N95 masks to increase patient and provider safety during interactions, and many other sanitation and safety protocols.

Specifically for the clinical areas:

  • We use a special device placed in your mouth during procedures which helps to keep the mouth open, and to suction aerosol produced during the procedure
  • Use of an external suction vacuum, to capture a good portion of aerosol that might escape the first device above
  • Regularly misting the office with electrolyzed saltwater, which is a natural disinfectant
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