Dentist in San Mateo, CA

The clear aligners of Invisalign bring orthodontic benefits with minimal irritation and discomfort. Instead of bulky braces, the flexible clear Invisalign aligners are a preferred option for many patients. These aligners are developed from clear plastic material and contain no brackets or metal wires. The most attractive feature for patients is that they are nearly invisible, which means they are not as distracting as traditional braces.

Your aligners must be worn at least 22 hours per day throughout the treatment period. You are able to remove them before meals or brushing your teeth. You can begin your Invisalign treatment today by calling our office and scheduling a consultation.

If you’ve ever wanted to straighten your teeth, but couldn’t bring yourself to wear meta braces, Invisalign might be your solution. Ask us for more information, or view the Invisalign website.