Patient Membership Program

No Insurance?

Our Office has an easy solution. Join our membership program today!

Additional Benefits Include:

No deductibles, No Yearly Maximums, No Claim Forms, No Pre-Authorization, Immediate Eligibility

*Percentage off regular list UCR fees; Invisalign & Oral Surgeon -- 10% off list UCR; may not be combined with other offers, promotions, discounts, or extended finance agreements

**Excludes panoramic x-rays

Patient Membership Program FAQ

What is this program, is it an insurance plan?
This is not an insurance plan, but a dental-care membership and patient loyalty program that allows you to receive high-quality dentistry and oral care without the limitations, costs, and headaches of insurance.
When can I join and start using the benefits?
You may join and begin using your membership benefits immediately.
Can I use the benefits for restorative, cosmetic and elective treatment?
Yes! In addition to the included oral hygiene care, your membership provides a discount off UCR fees for dental procedures in this office – no maximums, deductibles or claim-forms!
What if I miss one of my hygiene appointments?
We do require a 2-business-day cancellation notice on appointments. If you do cancel an appointment, you may reschedule your appointment within your membership year.
Can I transfer my membership to a different office?
Your membership is with our office and cannot be transferred to another dental provider.
Can I split the membership benefits between different family members?
Membership is specific to each individual member.
How do I know which program option is best for me?
If you are a current patient, please ask us. If you are a new patient, we can provide a recommendation after your initial exam.